Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Travel Part 2: Having fun

So far the weather has not been very co-operative. The weekend was so hot we were not able to go out much. Then the rain came. In South Dakota the days get very hot and humid then the rain comes and afterwords it is much cooler and the humidity all but gone. Not here in Virginia, after the rain it seemed even hotter and definitely much more humid.
Not so Wordless Wednesday Submission
After the rain stopped I thought I would go take some photographs of the rain drops on the trees but that didn't work out. The foggy appearance of this photo is because the humidity was so high my camera lens was fogging up.

Yesterday was hot but did cool down in the late afternoon so we were finally able to go for a walk.

I like the white picket fences and colonial style homes in the Military Housing tract where my daughter lives. Scattered throughout the housing tract are a number of nice playgrounds, which of course we are making use of.

Although today it was once again hot and overcast we decided to head to a park along the beach in hopes that it would be a little cooler and we could take some fun photos.
We did not plan to actual go swimming, although maybe we should have. Little H was thrilled and was all excited to hunt for sea shells. Little J was excited also but then decided he didn't trust the water and did not want to venture off the dry sand.

As you can see little H had no such fear. After walking along the shore for a bit we headed over to the playground before heading home to change into dry clothes before going out shopping.

Tomorrow we are planning on going to see some historical areas, so hopefully the weather co-operates.

and then, she {snapped}

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Casey Martinez said...

Aww, the kiddos look like they are having so many good times!!