Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Preserving Memories Through Poetry: The Dance Partners

Sometimes when there is no photograph of a very special memory that memory can be preserved with the use of a combination of photographs and poetry such as I did for my very special Uncle. Finding ways to preserve my own special memories and helping others preserve their memories are two things that bring me great joy.

Remember the day so long ago
when la Cumbia began to play
you led me in the dance of joy
teaching me la cumbia

Since then partners we became
every time the music played
you'd take my hand & lead the way
for la cumbia was ours to dance

Then too soon my strength was gone
la cumbia I could not dance
I promised you I would get strong
so la cumbia again we'd dance
I want to feel the joy I felt
when the music played so strong
I want to dance la cumbia
just like we did that day

Alas too late my strength returns
for no longer can you dance
and all too soon you will be gone

Now every time the music plays
I feel the sadness and the joy
remembering so long ago
how we danced upon that day

This new promise I make to you
I will do what I must do
So upon the day of your return
I will be there

Partners once more we will be
when the music begins to play
You and I will dance
La Cumbia
For my Uncle with Love
Nita 2003

I wrote this for my uncle when he began losing his battle with cancer. The printed version is in both English and Spanish side by side with the photo at the top. I was going to share both versions just as it was printed for my uncle but couldn't get them to line up neatly side by side on this blog.
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lisleman said...

That's is such a nice and creative gift. Maybe I should do something special with one of the pictures from my recent trip with my uncle.
Kinda of weird that I discovered this idea just after I returned from the trip.

Melinda said...

This is so sweet - what a loving tribute to your uncle!

Dawn Elliott said...

What a sweet and heartfelt poem for your dear uncle! It shows just how much love you have for him - beautiful!

khush said...

Oh Nita! It's so great to read your post after so long. Have missed reading you.
Your post makes my visit worth it! I love the poem. How well all the time spent with some-one can be refreshed with the help of photographs and poems!
I am sure your uncle must've felt a different kind of satisfaction and fulfillment after reading this.
Great post! Thanks for uploading.
Do stop by my blog soon. To read me too.
And takecare

rebecca said...

so tender...your honoring of a dance, i am sure, neither one of you ever forgot.

may this memory always sweeten your life.

Meri said...

Memories -- glad and sad -- weave the web of our lives. What a touching way to honor your dear uncle and to memorialize your memories and feelings.

Mrs4444 said...

A beautiful tribute! He would be honored, I'm sure.