Sunday, August 7, 2011

Little Doll's 1st Birthday

To those that think birthday parties for children under the age of five are a waste of time and energy consider this. The first five years of a child's life are considered the most formative of their childhood. They are learning not only to walk and talk but they are learning about building relationship's and how to get along in society. All of these lesson's are being taught by the people that are active in their lives, not just their parents and siblings but also from close friends of the family. When you have a birthday party for a young child you allow all those involved in these important lesson's to share in the joy of the child's development. It is also another way to document and preserve for the child just how many people cared and shared the early years of their life.

Just last weekend we had the privilege of photographing just such an event. I would like to thank this little doll's parents for letting us help them preserve her first birthday party. Here are just a few of the many precious moments we were able to capture.

We wish this little one and her family many more blessed birthdays.


Bethe77 said...

How precious thank you for sharing your little dolls first. I love it. I lvoe what you said about how important they are too to celebrate with thsoe that love them and are involved in their lives. We just celebrate my great nephews this weekend. I will be posting later about the funfilled event.
But I think you doll is precious.
May she and all have many more.

Christyn Lee said...

I think this is sooo adorable. Makes me think happily of the time [far from now] when I will have a little doll of my own.

God Bless.