Friday, September 28, 2012

Fragmented Friday

Feeling a bit on the fragmented side I figured what better way to get back into the swing of things than with a Fragmented Fridays post. The following pictures are among the few photos I took over the last month.

Just before school started Sissy was going through my material box and asked me to make her a dress using this yellow material with a brown oriental pattern. There was only one yard of the material and I wasn't in a very creative mood. So I took the easy road and using about four yards of three inch wide burgundy ribbon and half a dozen snaps I turned it all into this cute sleeveless kimono. As soon as time and weather permits we are planning a special photo shoot at the Japanese gardens.
I read about doing this a while back and finally actually gave it a try. It was a lot of fun, just wish we had a larger area of concrete to get creative with.
 Being rather fatigued the last two months I haven't been taking many photos which really was starting to make me a bit sad. So when Bubba asked me to play mini's (this is what he calls his miniature figurines) with him I decided that not only would I play mini's but I would photograph the action he had set up.
It was a fun way to play around with aperture creating various range of field shots. When I asked Bubba what he had going on he explained that the army men were in charge of the parking and telling all the cars were to go while the cowboys and Indians protected the parking lot.
We had a lot of fun arranging the figures and photographing them from various angles. Now Bubba and Sissy want to create a movie using the figurines. Not sure that I am up to that challenge, but who knows it might be fun. Maybe I can get a few pointers from Liselman.
 Sissy was not very happy when in this last shot her cat Belle decided to eat her Spanish homework. Luckily this is something she is learning at home and not homework for school. If it was I doubt her teacher would be happy to hear the old "My cat/dog ate my homework" excuse.
So there it is my fragmented September. I don't know about anyone else but I am sure looking forward to October and hoping I can finally get back into the groove of things. 

Mommy's Idea

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Memories of Monday Night Football

I took this photo thinking it would be great as a wordless Wednesday post. But looking at it I got to remembering all those Monday night football rivalry's that took place in our home while the children were growing up. How a fun loving baseball fan wound up in a home of football fanatics I am not really certain but that is what happened. Not to knock football, but I never really could get into the game. My husband and children on the other hand couldn't wait for football season to begin.

Thinking back I wish I had grabbed my camera on Monday nights and recorded the action in our home on those wild Monday nights, rather than grabbing a good book and heading for the sanctuary of my room.  To those that wonder why I would do such a thing let me explain.

Monday nights were the nights when it was the most obvious that my husband and I encouraged independent thinking in our children. My husband was a 49er's fan, but we were not a 49er's family. Each of our four children picked their favorite teams by the time they were nine or ten and have stuck with their teams ever since. Our oldest son is a Vikings fan, while our youngest son is a Packers fan. Throw into that explosive mix our two daughters who both chose to be Cowboy's fans and you have one very rowdy group.

Needless to say if the game did not include one of the favorite teams sides were picked on some unbeknownst to me level of how that teams win or lose would help the favored team. So obviously it was a rare occasion when all five would be routing for the same team. Heaven forbid if two of the favored teams were playing against each other. If by chance it was the 49er's v Vikings it became a four against one game while if it was Vikings v Packers the room became divided two to three. The only time the three males agreed on a team was if that team was playing against the Cowboys.

On the off chance that I ventured from my sanctuary into the mayhem I was called upon to choose sides. Which was always done with a great deal of explanation as to the superior abilities of each team by it's fan. Knowing that should I choose sides it  would be perceived as favoritism to the supporting child rather than the team itself I opted for the safe route. HIDE as quick as possible.
Without photos of those energetic Monday nights I finally decided on this  design to capture the family rivalry in a memory photo.
Is your family united when the games come on or are they like mine?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Lost Generations of Cowboys and Indians

I have always enjoyed going to second hand stores, auctions and yard sales. You never know what unexpected treasure you may find. Happily my son in law and grandchildren also share my sense of adventure in this aspect. So the other day we took a trip to one of the many thrift stores in the area. After checking out the antique furniture, and possible collector items we took the kids to their favorite section, TOYS.
Of course we always have to pick up some toy even if it is little and nothing really exceptional. On this trip however I spotted a large clear bag full of small plastic figures. Showing it to my daughter and her husband we decided it was the perfect thing to buy. When we showed my grandchildren they were not so impressed and when we said 'but look it is a full set of Cowboys and Indians!' the lack of comprehension on their faces had us trying to explain exactly what these foreign toys were.
I really hadn't thought about it, but began to wonder just how many children today even know how much fun it can be to play Cowboys and Indians. For generations every child boy or girl at some time played Cowboys and Indians even before the plastic figures.  So I began to wonder is this a part of American heritage that is disappearing? 

Petey, Bubba and Sissy playing with the Cowboys and Indians
For three days Bubba and Sissy played with what Bubba calls his Mini's for hours on end. They took turns with one taking the Cowboys while the other had the Indians and then switching. Then they played with all of the figures getting along peacefully building forts and riding the range. It has definitely given them a new adventure and one that they really enjoy.  We decided to look online to see about getting them some more pieces. I was amazed to find that a lot of the sets are more for collectors and very expensive although there are some reasonably priced ones on

It makes me wonder what childhood games of previous generations have been lost in time. Do you know of any?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Latest Facebook Cover Designs

We just added fifteen new complementary Facebook cover designs to our collection. Here are a few. Like our fan page and check out the rest.

Freedom cover a 9 11 tribute
 US Flag cover
 Air Force cover
 Error Message cover

Some of these Facebook cover designs are adaptations of our photographic art backgrounds available at Artistix Network LLC for use in custom memory tributes and photos. Others are adapted from fun designs available on products in our gift shop.
As with the inspirational images we post you may also copy, save and use our complementary Facebook cover designs as long as you do not remove our credit line. If you are looking for something special for a Facebook cover just let me know and if we can we'll put one together for you.

This weekend here in Norfolk, VA I am working on creating fun and inspirational art and Facebook covers to share with others. What are you up to this fine Sunday?

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sister Tribute

Growing up with three older brothers I often wished for a younger sister. Then when I was ten my father remarried and suddenly I had not just one little sister but two and a little brother as well! Although I was not too sure about my new stepmother I was overjoyed to finally have younger siblings. I never thought of the new younger siblings as my step siblings to me they were my little sisters and little brother. Later when more siblings came along they each found a place deep in my heart right along side all the rest of my siblings.
The other day one of my sisters posted a sweet saying about loving her sisters on Facebook and I thought 'I should make something special for my sisters'. Using one of our select style memory art designs and adding the message I wanted to share with my sisters I created this tribute to my sisters.
Afterward I decided to add a version of this to our personalized items in our online gift shop. While I was adapting the design I realized I had misspelled a word. Thankfully my sisters didn't call me out on my poor spelling. 
Unfortunately the personalization program is more limited so the adapted version will only work for two sisters. Below is a mouse pad featuring the adapted design. Click here to check out the other products featuring this design.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What Do You Think?

To all of you great people who take the time out of your busy schedules to drop by and read my blog I would love to hear your opinion on the subject of apologizing for blogging absences. 

Now all the professional 'how to' blogging articles I have read advise against apologizing for being away from your blog. However, I personally think of my blog as a way to establish a more personal connection with clients and with others who share similar interests. So for me it is like not talking to a friend for weeks that I normally talk to on a daily basis and then just calling and talking about the weather and never mentioning what has kept me so preoccupied.

So what do you think?