Friday, September 28, 2012

Fragmented Friday

Feeling a bit on the fragmented side I figured what better way to get back into the swing of things than with a Fragmented Fridays post. The following pictures are among the few photos I took over the last month.

Just before school started Sissy was going through my material box and asked me to make her a dress using this yellow material with a brown oriental pattern. There was only one yard of the material and I wasn't in a very creative mood. So I took the easy road and using about four yards of three inch wide burgundy ribbon and half a dozen snaps I turned it all into this cute sleeveless kimono. As soon as time and weather permits we are planning a special photo shoot at the Japanese gardens.
I read about doing this a while back and finally actually gave it a try. It was a lot of fun, just wish we had a larger area of concrete to get creative with.
 Being rather fatigued the last two months I haven't been taking many photos which really was starting to make me a bit sad. So when Bubba asked me to play mini's (this is what he calls his miniature figurines) with him I decided that not only would I play mini's but I would photograph the action he had set up.
It was a fun way to play around with aperture creating various range of field shots. When I asked Bubba what he had going on he explained that the army men were in charge of the parking and telling all the cars were to go while the cowboys and Indians protected the parking lot.
We had a lot of fun arranging the figures and photographing them from various angles. Now Bubba and Sissy want to create a movie using the figurines. Not sure that I am up to that challenge, but who knows it might be fun. Maybe I can get a few pointers from Liselman.
 Sissy was not very happy when in this last shot her cat Belle decided to eat her Spanish homework. Luckily this is something she is learning at home and not homework for school. If it was I doubt her teacher would be happy to hear the old "My cat/dog ate my homework" excuse.
So there it is my fragmented September. I don't know about anyone else but I am sure looking forward to October and hoping I can finally get back into the groove of things. 

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Linda said...

Great post today - I can certainly relate to the fragmented feeling! BTW, they are calling for 70% rain tomorrow, so I think we are going to take a pass on the photo walk - not much fun...we tried that last time, remember?

bill lisleman said...

oh a real pet eat my homework story. Thanks for the shoutout.
Army parking and Indians protecting the lot - great imagination. I still have fun memories of the Army men in the sandbox.

Video clips - you need some editing software to piece the various shots together and mix in the background, titles. I use the software that came with my Mac. Keep it to about 2-3 minutes. The one you linked to was recorded off the laptop camera.

Keetha Broyles said...

I love the kimono

Doreen said...

I love the kimono too! The cat is so cute too! My dogs eat my writing all the time:)
Don't tell anyone but I love playing with the lil cars and figures with my grandsons:)
Have a great weekend..

'Tsuki said...

I just love the shots with the drawings with chalk on the floor... Great idea !

Wayne W Smith said...

The balloon floor shot is incredible and definitely frame worthy.

Jack said...

We all have funks from time to time. Recognizing it is part of the cure. Let Sunday -- the last day of September -- be just as rotten as you want it to be. Feel sorry for yourself, eat stuff that is bad for you and indulge the funk. Then get up on Monday -- the start of a new month -- take some deep breaths, put on some make-up and strut out into the world full of confidence!

Nita Davis said...

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments and a special thanks to Lisleman for the video tips and to Jack for the words of wisdom. I do think I am shaking the funk off, spent the entire day with my camera.