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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What Do You Think?

To all of you great people who take the time out of your busy schedules to drop by and read my blog I would love to hear your opinion on the subject of apologizing for blogging absences. 

Now all the professional 'how to' blogging articles I have read advise against apologizing for being away from your blog. However, I personally think of my blog as a way to establish a more personal connection with clients and with others who share similar interests. So for me it is like not talking to a friend for weeks that I normally talk to on a daily basis and then just calling and talking about the weather and never mentioning what has kept me so preoccupied.

So what do you think?


Linda said...

I generally let people know if I am going to be absent, just because I prefer that to having people wonder where I am. But, I personally don't think apologies are necessary. Blogging is your personal contact, and if you don't show up, people may wonder after a while what happened to you, but it is still voluntary. Just my personal opinion...

Fun60 said...

I'm not sure an apology is necessary but I think it's quite nice to let people know that you are not going to be around to blog for whatever reason.

Nita Davis said...

Thanks for your input. I am hoping that I will not be absent much but this last month was so wild I did get behind.