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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sister Tribute

Growing up with three older brothers I often wished for a younger sister. Then when I was ten my father remarried and suddenly I had not just one little sister but two and a little brother as well! Although I was not too sure about my new stepmother I was overjoyed to finally have younger siblings. I never thought of the new younger siblings as my step siblings to me they were my little sisters and little brother. Later when more siblings came along they each found a place deep in my heart right along side all the rest of my siblings.
The other day one of my sisters posted a sweet saying about loving her sisters on Facebook and I thought 'I should make something special for my sisters'. Using one of our select style memory art designs and adding the message I wanted to share with my sisters I created this tribute to my sisters.
Afterward I decided to add a version of this to our personalized items in our online gift shop. While I was adapting the design I realized I had misspelled a word. Thankfully my sisters didn't call me out on my poor spelling. 
Unfortunately the personalization program is more limited so the adapted version will only work for two sisters. Below is a mouse pad featuring the adapted design. Click here to check out the other products featuring this design.

1 comment:

Linda said...

Very sweet tribute! I have just the one sister - who arrived after I had 2 children of my own! We are pretty close though...