Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Lost Generations of Cowboys and Indians

I have always enjoyed going to second hand stores, auctions and yard sales. You never know what unexpected treasure you may find. Happily my son in law and grandchildren also share my sense of adventure in this aspect. So the other day we took a trip to one of the many thrift stores in the area. After checking out the antique furniture, and possible collector items we took the kids to their favorite section, TOYS.
Of course we always have to pick up some toy even if it is little and nothing really exceptional. On this trip however I spotted a large clear bag full of small plastic figures. Showing it to my daughter and her husband we decided it was the perfect thing to buy. When we showed my grandchildren they were not so impressed and when we said 'but look it is a full set of Cowboys and Indians!' the lack of comprehension on their faces had us trying to explain exactly what these foreign toys were.
I really hadn't thought about it, but began to wonder just how many children today even know how much fun it can be to play Cowboys and Indians. For generations every child boy or girl at some time played Cowboys and Indians even before the plastic figures.  So I began to wonder is this a part of American heritage that is disappearing? 

Petey, Bubba and Sissy playing with the Cowboys and Indians
For three days Bubba and Sissy played with what Bubba calls his Mini's for hours on end. They took turns with one taking the Cowboys while the other had the Indians and then switching. Then they played with all of the figures getting along peacefully building forts and riding the range. It has definitely given them a new adventure and one that they really enjoy.  We decided to look online to see about getting them some more pieces. I was amazed to find that a lot of the sets are more for collectors and very expensive although there are some reasonably priced ones on

It makes me wonder what childhood games of previous generations have been lost in time. Do you know of any?


Linda said...

Some of them have made a comeback of sorts...Lincoln Logs, TinkerToys...but I also remember pick-up-sticks, jacks, and some others you don't see around. I wonder if the "political correctness" we have to suffer through these days helped the demise of the Cowboys and Indians...

Nita Davis said...

Linda I do believe political correctness probably did have a lot to do with their disappearance. Which to me is pretty sad. The toy itself dose not causes racial bias, that comes from people.