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Friday, August 29, 2014

Off To See The Wizard

I wonder if the Wizard ever felt fragmented, I know I certainly do and the Scarecrow and Tin Man sure did. It's a good thing for places like Emerald City and Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragments, where we can all get our bits and pieces neatly organized.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Well I am not exactly off to see the Wizard, although that would be really nice. I am however off to the other side of the state to attend my future daughter-in-laws' bridal shower. If I was going to the Wizard I would ask him the ruby slippers so I could travel back and forth quicker.

My son tells me his future Mother-in-law is much worse than I am about procrastinating. Now that I found extremely hard to believe as I am the queen of procrastination.  Although two days ago I was provided with proof of her level of procrastination, and while I have to admit she gets very high marks, I still think we may be about even. LOL
Two months ago he let me know that she would be calling me because she had a question for me. I finally got the call two days ago. Okay, that isn't all that bad. The question she had was that she is putting together a cook book for the kids and she would like it to include recipes from both families, and would I be willing to write up recipes so she could include them in the book. Awesome! I love the idea and of course am happy to do that. Then came the proof. It seems she wants to give the book not as a wedding present at the end of September but as a bridal shower gift this Saturday. Oh and we live on opposite sides of the state so she had to overnight me the recipe cards for me to fill them out. I received the package yesterday. I am so glad I requested only 12 cards. I have two left to write out. One I am not sure I will be able to finish in time as I am still waiting on the recipe which is a family recipe that I don't have but requested from my aunt in California.


With less than a month to go and both my dress and my youngest daughters dress to make I am feeling a great deal like the White Rabbit at this moment. I know I shouldn't stress, it is actually plenty of time for to make the two dresses.

Yesterday I set about the final steps of publishing my poetry book, only to realize I had missed one very important requirement. The publisher requires a minimum of 32 pages and my book is only 22 pages. Time to go searching for my older poems or put on the writing cap or maybe I should just make it a combo poetry and short stories. What do you think, all poetry or combination poetry and short stories? 

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wild Wishes

It's Wishing time again! 
That is right we are half way through the week so it is time to let the universe know what we are wishing for. So here goes, oh powerful universe any one of these will do, thank you so kindly. :D

Isn't it PRETTY! It just needs to be red!
Yes, my wild wish is for a red and white Austin Healy!
Although I wouldn't mind a red 65 AC Cobra

 I am not picky! 
I would even be willing to settle for a newer Jaguar ftype.

I do believe I make this wish a bit too often, as my seven year old grandson pointed out a little red convertible sports car the other day and said 'don't worry Grandma, I will get you one when I grow up."

The universe has set the wheels in motion!
Now maybe I should wish that I will still be able to drive by the time my wish finally comes true..... LOL

That is my wish this week, so what is yours?
Come join us at Wednesday Wishes
and let the universe know your hearts desire.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nature Hike

The Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park trails are extensive and yet I have only seen a very small portion of the trails. Here is a bit from my last little hike.
When I headed out the sky was still pretty overcast from the brief thunderstorm that had quickly passed through. The color is a bit off in this first shot but it will give you an idea of how beautiful  the clouds were.
The sky quickly cleared and left behind a beautiful day. It was still a bit warm but not too bad and not too humid.
 Thankfully the ground wasn't too wet either.

I was a bit surprised when I came across this giant spider web. Along the interstate in Virginia I had seen humongous spider webs but never had I seen what I would consider even large spider webs here in South Dakota. Until I saw these.
They are no where near as large as those in Virgina but large ball of web was at least two feet in diameter. Needless to say this was one time I was kind of glad to follow the trail rules and not leave the trail to get a closer look.
There wasn't as many wild flowers as the last time I walked the trail but there were still a few.

 And there were quite a few little creatures enjoying the afternoon.

There were also a lot of these. They remind me of a dandelion seeds but are much larger, about three to four inches in diameter. Yes, I am clueless most of the time when it comes to names of flowers, birds and trees.
I even saw a dear, although it was too quick for me and I missed capturing it with my camera. I hope you have enjoyed this little nature hike in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Wishing all happy travels
both real and virtual!

Unknown Mami