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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oh Great One Hear My Wish

It's Wishing time again! Can you believe we are already half way through the week? That is right it is Wednesday, the day designated by Claudya over at Unknown Mami's place to ask the universe to grace us with it's abundance. Just click on the #wednesdaywish button below to join us and let the universe know what you have been wishing for.


This week I am wishing I could be at ease with confrontation.  For the most part I am always playing the peacemaker. However, on occasion I find myself taking the less popular stance and becoming a proponent for the rights of children. Unfortunately on occasions such as this one it places me at odds with professionals such as doctors and school administrators. This does not do my anxiety and blood pressure any good at all, but I find that I can't sit by and just watch as harm is being done to children. To make a long story short shall we just say my grand children's school has banned something that may seem trivial to some but actually has major benefits socially, physically and educationally so I have decided that the ban needs to be lifted and the only way that is going to happen is to educate both the parents and possibly the educators. I have a good amount of credible documentation supporting my stance from organizations such as the Center for Disease Control, the US Department of Education and Stanford University so wish me luck. After I have run the proper channels with my proposal I will write a post regarding the issue.

Oh dear Universe please remind me where my on/off switch is! I should really be going to bed but I am not the least bit sleepy. Tired yes, sleepy no.

Friday, September 5, 2014

FF: One Pace

Welcome to my Friday Fragments!
A big thank you to Mrs. 4444's for hosting a hop where we can all clear our minds of the bits and pieces that didn't make it into our blog this week. 

Half-Past Kissin' Time

RIP Joan Rivers
I was saddened to hear that Joan Rivers passed away this week. Her way of looking at the good, the bad and the ugly of life with humor may have came across cruel or insensitive to some but I for one am very glad that she never ascribed to political correctness. I did not always see the humor in her jabs but when I did it was genuine. At times life is hard and ugly and if we can't laugh at those aspects of life they will consume us with darkness. So at this time we say goodbye to another great comedian, but the laughter must go on because life goes on and what is life without laughter.

Do you ever feel that your life needs a pace maker or maybe a pace car? I sure do. Some weeks I feel like I am in the Indy 500, while other weeks I could swear I am stuck on some abandoned merry-go-round. Although I have to say trying to keep up with this pace car would make life a bit faster than I care to go. I actually had to speed up so my daughter could take this shot with my phone. She said go faster mom, there is a reflection of the Beware of Attack Penguin in the photo. I said 'that is quiet alright I like reflections', and slowed down. But my favorite reflection in the shot is the distorted reflection of the driver side mirror. I won't say how fast I was going, suffice it to say when I slowed down to legal speed the pace car was a black speck on the horizon in less than five minutes. I am appreciative that the driver was kind enough to slow down a bit and move to the right lane to allow me to get along side him for the photo.

My future Daughter-in-law's bridal shower was a lot of fun. The shower was held in a beautiful old Victorian bed and breakfast. I was on my best behavior so the camera only came out when someone suggested we take a picture of the table before she cut the cake. I am sure if I had been there for any other reason I would have been snapping photos left and right. 
Linked to Skywatch Friday

I had a really nice weekend. It was wonderful to see the kids and two of my oldest son's daughters. The weather was beautiful and I even managed to get in a quick trip to my favorite spot in Sioux Falls. Yep, I got to go to Fall's Park! 

That is it for my week! How was yours?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday Wishes: A Writer's Wish Come True

It's Wishing time again! That is right we are half way through the week so it is time to let the universe know what we are wishing for. Just click on the Wednesday Wishes button below to join us and let the universe know what you have been wishing for.


Before I make a wish this week I want to share some fantastic wishing news. That is right, the universe has listened and this writer's wish has finally come true! After this post  I took the Universe's hint and got serious about getting started publishing my writings. I decided to start off with the poetry I had sitting in my to be published folder. After a busy week formatting the book I had a minor set back in that the book was too short so in this  post I asked others opinion.  The idea of adding a few short stories was well accepted so that is what I did.  Next came the cover design and let me tell you I really enjoyed creating this cover. I am almost as excited about the cover as I am that I published the book. Here is a look at the cover and link to preview my book 'Strength of Time: Weathering Life's Storms'.
I know self publishing is not the same as being published by some well known publisher but I decided to take the easier and less stressful route and self publish. After some research I decided to go with Lulu as the steps to self publishing were easily explained and relatively stress free. I find the least amount of stress the better, if you know what I mean. Another major point for me was that they make it easy to sell not just on Lulu but on Amazon as well as make the book available to major book stores such as Barns and Nobel.

Thank You Universe for the nudge in the right direction and granting my (dream) wish to be a published author.

Now for this weeks wishes:
  • I am wishing that people will buy my book and that my writing will inspire, encourage and delight the readers so much so that they will anxiously await my next book, which will be a journey into imagery.
  • That my blood pressure settles down so I don't have to go to the doctor.
  •  That all your wishes come true!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
And Keep on Wishing!