Wednesday, March 23, 2016

In Honor of Belgium

As so many around the world my heart is saddened by the senseless evil that has struck again. While there is little I personally can do to help those who's world has been so adversely effected by this evil, I can offer them my heartfelt sympathy. To show my support for the people of Brussels and all of Belgium I decided to do what I do best and create a this series of artworks in their honor, the proceeds of which will go to the Brussels City Museum

Archival quality prints of these art pieces are available Here. All proceeds from the sale of any of these art pieces will go to the Museum of the City of Brussels, as I am not aware of any credible organization serving those directly effected by the attacks on Brussels.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Making Cents Coin Exhibit

Unknown Mami

We're back at the Old Courthouse Museum in down town Sioux Falls, as they currently have a fun exhibit titled Making Cents of Coins. The exhibit is small but it has some really interesting coins. I paused long enough on the steps for my friend to snap a shot so I could show you the fun color I decided to dye my hair. Now we will dive right into what we saw on our visit. I've included photos of the descriptions for each coin.

They had a lot more coins but these to me were the coolest ones. Talk about cool, check out the inside of the elevator!
Of course what would a coin exhibit be without a coin souvenir machine?
I don't generally carry cash but luckily we had just enough change to get two penny souvenirs.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hold Up Fold Up or Run

As Kenny Rodgers would say you have to know when to hold up, when to fold up and when to run. Last month was one of those times when I really had to evaluate everything in my life and figure out what to hold up, what to fold up and what to run with. I had to accept the fact that this fatigue is not going anywhere anytime soon, so I just have to pace myself and be content with doing what I can when I can and not try and push beyond what I am able to do at the moment. The decisions I made weren't easy but right or wrong I am running with them.
Newest design in the gift shop
The hardest decision was what to do with our small family business Artistix Network LLC.  After great thought and discussions we have decided to dissolve the LLC. I am keeping the Artistix Network domain but am going back to it just being a DBA. While I will still be offering portrait photography as well as memory photo design services, these will be on a limited basis. The main focus of Artistix Network will be on the inspirational and fun design offered in our gift shop.

 My new business card design
The second hardest decision was whether to rebuild the old Artistix Network site to reflect the new structure or to build an entirely new website. I decided to build an entirely new personal website. I am still trying to get to point to the gift shop, but even if I can't manage that there are links to the gift shop on my website and here. 

In January I began working with an editor on my latest book which I was originally planning to hold off publication of until I had completed the two book self-help series I am currently working on. So probably the easiest decision was whether to publish this book now or wait. As you can see I decided not to wait.
The most fun of all the decisions though was deciding if I should go bold and dye my hair with an ombre of silver and purple. I did it! I like the ombre effect and I love the purple color, but I don't really like the silver. To me it just looks like my natural color is grey and my hair was died purple and has now grown out. I guess you could say I am a bit vain. My natural color is a dark auburn that has some scattered silver/grey in it. So while I love the ombre I will be figuring out a different color to go with the purple, any suggestions? 

Now that I have remembered that I must pace myself I hope to be getting out more to photograph this wonderful city. Here are a few fun shots from a walk I took last Sunday.

Many of the shops downtown are celebrating the fact that spring is finally here.
Down town on Sunday is very quite as most of the shops are closed. I was amused at this forgotten drink sitting on a table outside a closed cafe.
I've come to the realization that this store dresses this mannequin to embrace the season. I posted a photo of it's winter wardrobe Here.
Of course I can not pass up a chance to share a few of the wonderful sculptures that grace our down town streets. This one reminds me of my grand daughter when she is trying to master a difficult composition on her violin.
I was drawn to this sculpture that outwardly looks like just a smooth column, then when you see it from the side this is the view you are graced with. I can only imagine how difficult it was to carve out all those intricate faces on the inside of the column. 

I am looking forward to sharing more interesting aspects of Sioux Falls and the surrounding area now that I've remembered I must pace myself so that I can get out and about with my camera. I would love to here from you so go ahead and share your thoughts in the comments. And please hop over to Unknown Mami's for some virtual travel.
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