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Sunday, January 17, 2016

SIMC: Frozen Moments

Friday Morning I decided to brave the cold. My editor had told me of a shop owner down town that might possibly be a good source for information for a novel that I am working on, so I decided to do a bit of multi-tasking and take along my camera. Although I didn't last long outside the day was very productive. 

Today for For Sunday In My City I have a few shots of new sights in down town Sioux Falls. I never get tired of seeing and photographing the fantastic sculptures on display. Partially because every year the sculptures change so it is almost like going to an outdoor art gallery.

I was captivated by the details in this bronze sax's player. His marching band uniform was so intricate. I have to say though that one of my favorite things about this next shot is the shadows.
I have no idea why this shop created this interesting dress but I was so intrigued by the design and imaginative nature of the dress that I went into the shop and was immediately distracted by the many beautiful accessories they sell. The shop is new so I had never been inside before. They even had some very pretty clothing.
This next sculpture was so life like I almost wanted to wrap a warm coat around the sweet looking child.
Writing this post it occurred to me that as I ventured out into the freezing weather to capture a moment with my camera the moments I captured were also frozen moments captured and created by the sculptors.  
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bettyl-NZ said...

Wow! When I saw the thumbnail on the linkup, I thought it had to be a real child! How enchanting.

Claudya Martinez said...

Those sculptures are truly wonderful. The sax player is so vibrant and that child is so life-like.

Lisleman said...

Public art is better than private art. It's art so it should shared as widely as possible. great pics.