Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Creativity Is Back

This post will complete my posting of photos from 2015, next we'll be on to 2016! I just had to share these though. For Christmas my creative spirit kicked in and knowing my youngest granddaughter's half sisters were both getting My life Dolls for Christmas I decided to make them each outfits for their dolls. 

The youngest girl's favorite color is pink so her outfit had pink embellishments.

She was very happy with the gift and insisted her doll wear it right then and there. Then she claimed it was so pretty she was never taking it off the doll.... LOL

 The older girl's favorite color is purple. Smart girl! :)

She too loved the gift but unlike her sister she says her doll is only going to wear it on special occasions because she doesn't want the white lace to get stained or snagged. She really liked that the veiled mini top hat can be put on the doll or better yet she can wear it.

For my littlest granddaughter who turns two next month I made a traditional item that I have made for all my granddaughter when they were that age. A very soft and cuddly baby doll. My grandmother called it a Mami doll.
Little K's response was the best! Do you think she likes her doll?

My oldest granddaughter requested two mini top hats one for her Birthday which is the week before Christmas and one for Christmas. She wanted a black feather top hat and a red steampunk top hat.

She loved her hats but refused to let me take a picture of her. (so sad) But that is okay her baby sister was happy to model the steampunk hat and her mother's matching scarf for us. You can see how she looked here.

I was so glad to have my creative spirit back, how about you do you like to make things?

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Lori said...

Oh, those are all beautiful! I love the hats. My mom used to make clothes for my Barbies when I was young and I just loved it. Unfortunately, I don't sew. I glue gun.