Saturday, January 9, 2016

To Be or Not To Be

To Be or Not To Be ... What?

I have a feeling that if you ask anyone 25 to 35 years old the answer will be 'an adult'. Sure there is much they love about being an adult but often it isn't what they had envisioned it to be. They have even coined a new word ... 'adulting'. Yes that is now the term being used to describe the everyday actions of a responsible adult. Typically this term is used when expressing ones frustration with adult life, but it is also used as a way to laugh at those same frustrations. As Shakespeare taught me, to enjoy life to the fullest we must be able to laugh at the tragedies as well as at the comedies, so I am embracing this new term.

Each time my oldest daughter says she is "So Over Adulting" I just laugh and reply join the group. And who hasn't uttered this next phrase?

After playing around with the idea, we decided to add a humorous 'Adulting Sucks' section to our gift shop and these are just two of the fun designs. We also asked around and came up with a couple fun list.

While I do sometimes wish to take a vacation from being an adult I am very glad that I choose the To Be, because who wants to be a child or worse yet a teenager again? So what do you choose, To be or Not to be?

Have you, or will you be embracing the term Adulting? If so stop on over and check out all the fun designs and products that we hope will make every adult smile about the frustrations of adulthood.

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Mary said...

I definitely get tired of 'adulating.' I like your new word!

Jack said...

Hi, Anita. Nice to see your name among the comments on some of my recent blog posts. I came over here tonight and read some posts over the past six months. Seems that there have been some tough times. I am impressed that you are working to maintain a positive attitude. Good luck! I hope the turn of the pages of the calendar into this new year give you and your family a new lease on life!