Monday, January 25, 2016

SIMC: Such Sweet Harmony

One of the joys in any city is the joy of listening to the local schools winter concert. Sure the kids are just learning but typically they work really hard and present the audience with a good program. This last week my granddaughters middle school orchestra had their winter concert and we were treated not only to the six and seventh grade concert but a mini rehearsal of the eight grades concert opening. 

Their orchestra only had one bass player and so four bass players from nearby high school agreed to join them in their concert. Two of which were former students of my granddaughter's middles school and the orchestra teacher laughingly told them "see I told you I would get you back".
The mini rehearsal was really awesome. The kids filed into the auditorium playing as they spread out in the isles around the audience. It really made me want to go watch their concert as well.
After the concert I quickly snapped this shot of my granddaughter who was in such a hurry to get back to the instrument room that I forgot to change the ISO on my camera. So to save the grainy and slightly fuzzy photo I applied a few artistic filters.

I had hoped to get out and about to share some of our city's sights this week but it was too cold and then this weekend I was just very lazy. 
Did you have a good weekend?

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