Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sun Dogs In My City

Sunday Sun Dogs In My City

The sun dogs came to grace our city yesterday. I do hope they come back today. I was taking my daughter to work when I spotted them and really wanted to capture the sight but I could not pull over and stop. If you would like to see photo's of our sun dogs check out this link, where viewers from around the area sent their photos into the local news station. The fourth photo in the series looks almost exactly like what I saw.

My friend Lori Gerads managed to capture this wonderful shot with her cell phone and a few more with her regular camera. She hasn't had a chance to share the ones she took with her camera yet but I am sure they will be amazing as she is a very good photographer. To check out her wonderful work Click Here.

I have to say it is very pretty out but Oh is it bitter cold! Last night the local news posted this advisory on their Facebook page.

Then when I got up this morning I checked the Weather Channel and this is what I saw
 At least it will be warming up a tiny bit throughout the day.

Whoever flipped that switch I hope the flip it back soon! I love Sioux Falls but every winter am reminded why I might be convinced to move south. LOL

Linking up with Sunday In My City for some sweet virtual travel. Think I will go find a warmer spot. 

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Jeannie Marie said...

I'm back in Florida now and enjoying a much warmer climate. I always shake my head at my plans to go North for Christmas, but what can I do? All my children have homes in the frozen north!

Claudya Martinez said...

Those are pretty amazing. Happy New Year! I hope you are well.

Lisleman said...

The first time I saw sun dogs (much like these pictures) was when I was in college. A cold morning waiting for the bus. My first thought was that sun had split into pieces. Ever since I look for them more often and spotted them but often they are just colorful dim glow. These are about as bright as they get.

Anonymous said...

I love the sun dog pics - so pretty! But -13 degrees? Oh no way... I live in Arizona so I'm pretty sure I'd die :)

Sharon said...

This brings back my memories of the winter I spent in Sioux Falls -- We arrived in January, and I had never before even seen snow come down (California girl!). What an intro to the season! Snow is lovely :)!