Saturday, August 27, 2011

Music and Memories

For those that enjoyed my poem Dance Partners, I found an instruction video for the basic Cumbia dance steps. Hope you enjoy this.

Now that you have seen the basic here is the more advanced version and is very similar the dance we always danced.

As you can see the more advanced Cumbia is very similar to a swing dance which by the way is my all time favorite type of dance.
I love that through the use of modern technology we can now include not only photos and the written word to preserve memories but we can now include the music that triggers special memories with our photos. These video's are not ones I made obviously, but after these two posts it occurred to me that I should do a short memory video of my uncle combining my photos and our favorite dancing songs.

1 comment:

khush said...

Hey Nita! I was really happy to see your mail!
This is great...I am soon going to logg into your blog to learn La Cumbia with the help of these videos.
This is going to be FUN!
Thanks for uploading.