Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Travel Part 3: Random shots in Portsmouth, VA

Knowing my love of old buildings and quaint shops my daughter took me to Historical Down Town Portsmouth. I was very pleased to find so many unique old buildings with different architectural styles all in one place. Here are a few of my favorite shots.

Nestled among the shops, business, museums and restaurants was this beautiful old church.  I was drawn to the gate in the five foot brick privacy wall.
As I started to enter I noticed the grave stones haphazardly positioned around the tranquil courtyard.
My granddaughter grabbed my arm and said "NO Grandma it is spooky in there!" So I had to settle for a long shot of the church corridor.
Another thing I love about historic districts are the unique and ornate street signs. To me these signs are a testament to those that established and cared for the city streets. They not only tell the name of the street but show that the caretakers of these streets took pride in them.
 Further down the street we came to this quaint cafe with it's tree shaded patio.
Having enjoyed our outing we got in the car and headed back to Norfolk. Along the way I was lucky to get some nice shots of ships in the harbor and city skyline.

So far I am enjoying my vacation very much.  Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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