Thursday, August 18, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Just as the summer passes all too fast so did my vacation. Now it is time to play catch up and get back in the swing of working. Of course I took tons of photos, mostly of the kids because lets face it they were my main attraction. We did go out a bit while I was there in Virginia to see a few of the sights but mainly we just enjoyed being together. 

At the end of my vacation I spent Saturday and Sunday with my niece in Washington DC. It was so nice to spend time with her and see our nations capitol. She took me all over showing me many of the museums and points of interest. There is so much to see to do it justice and really take it all in I think one would need at least a couple of weeks. I know I could have spent all day just in the Library of Congress let alone any one of the many museums. 

Through the many photographs I have seen over the years of the capitol I knew the buildings were very large but I was in total awe of how enormous they actually are. The size alone was not the source of my awe, but the extent to which the architects went when designing and building these amazing structures. Each building is so intricately detailed they are in themselves gorgeous pieces of art. 

Capitol Building
Another thing that took me totally by surprise is that in comparison to all the other buildings the White House is actually rather small. I had always thought of the White House as being huge but when you see the buildings surrounding it they completely dwarf it by comparison.
Front view of White House
So many special memories have been made this summer that it will take me a bit of time to go through all the photographs. With so many memories I have decided that instead of a single memory photo of the summer it would be better to create a Memory photo book and video.

I hope all have had a memorable summer as I have, and look forward to catching up and getting back in the swing of things.

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