Monday, August 8, 2011

Just for laughs

The other night we watched the 2011 version of the movie "Arthur". This second version is just as funny as the first one. The theme is still the same but much of the movie was changed to make it more modern and they did a great job. At one point Arthur states that he doesn't trust horses for the following reason,
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lisleman said...

That's good - I never thought of a horse commitment to their shoes. I do remember the first movie which was Ok.
So if women had to nail their shoes on they would not buy so many. thanks for linking up.

Nita Davis said...

lol, if I had to nail my shoes on I would go barefoot!

oceangirl said...

hello nita, that was cute. nice meeting you.

Niki Hudson said...

Hi Nita,
Thanks for the chuckle! I think I would have some serious footware anxiety if my shoes were nailed to my feet! Too funny!

Jene said...

I do, but only because I hate shoe shopping :)