Thursday, August 11, 2011

Remembering Special Times

Today was a special day twice over. I got to swim in the ocean! On top of that my grandson Little J overcame his fear of the ocean!

Over the past few years each time I have visited and gone to the beach it was just to walk along the shore and take pictures. This time I wanted to actually go swimming in the ocean. It's been nearly eighteen years since I have swam in an ocean. To some it is no big deal but having spent more of my youth swimming in the ocean than doing anything else it was huge.

Like myself my daughter and granddaughter Little H, must have some mermaid in them, we all love swimming in the ocean so much. Val and I both thought we would probably have to take turns, with one going in the water while the other watched from the sand with Little J. This would have meant that we couldn't swim out beyond where Little H could go, as we didn't want her in the water without one of us near.

At first that is exactly how it went. Then Val coaxed Little J into sitting in her lap just inside the surf. Gradually she inched forward until the water was at his waist and he decided it was not so bad after all. Eventually he decided he didn't need to be held or even hold one of our hands and played in the gentle waves. We each were able to take turns swimming out farther while the other stayed with the two little ones and we all had a wonderful time. My only regret is that I do not have a waterproof case for my camera or a waterproof camera. I would have loved to have gotten pictures of the kids playing in the surf.

I did get a few photos after we got out and had lunch. Little H wanted to feed a seagull but we warned her that it wasn't a good idea even though a few of the gulls were rather determined and watched us eat from a rather close distance.

Unfortunately a young boy not far from where we were sitting did not know the dangers and tossed a gull one of his chips. I don't think he will be doing that again.

Although I didn't get photos of the two things that made this day so special the photos I did get will help to remind me of this special day. Often memories are tied together in this way and will work as a sort of chain reaction with one memory triggering other memories. When I add these photos to my memory album I am sure they will bring back the special memories for me without even making a single note of them. However, I will include this story of the day so that future generations will understand the significance of the photos.

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