Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Miss Adventures of Baby Squirrel

While out for a leisurely walk at the Japanese Gardens I happened to see this baby squirrel. He was running back and forth across each step trying to get down to the next one. It was funny to watch as each time he wound up pretty much falling to the next step. I was so caught off guard by his behavior that I didn't even think to change the setting on my camera so the photos aren't as nice as I would have liked. 

What he did when he finally got to the bottom was so funny I couldn't resist making a cartoon strip from the photos. 
Sorry about not keeping it within the layout but the smaller size just really looked fuzzy. I couldn't believe he literally chased that poor dog. The dog would nose forward then jump back, and the squirrel would advance again. They actually came within an inch of touching noses at one point. In the last photo my camera was only about four inches in front of his nose.
May the little things bring you joy!

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M & Em said...

Oh, squirrels... They are cute but so stupid! Haha that comic strip cracks me up. The squirrels around here are always pestering my dogs, nearly getting themselves killed in the process!