Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Travel Part 1

I have always loved road trips, and am very happy that my children and now grandchildren also enjoy long road trips. Although they are much more enjoyable when you are not strapped for time and can make stops along the way they can still be a lot of fun.
Before we left Val showed Little H the route we would take on a local playground US map.
The first day of our two day drive started very early before the sun had completely risen. It was still pretty dark but as you can see Little H is wide awake and animated as usual.
This next photo of the sunrise was taken leaning over into the back seat and thus the odd angle.
Because we were on a tight schedule we weren't able to get any real sight seeing done. Instead we played games, sang songs and took photos along the way of things that caught our attention.
It was really cute to hear Little J with his "Picture it Grandma" requests every time he saw a bridge or a car he liked.

 Although the flooding along the Missouri river has gone down since the beginning of July parts of Interstate 29 was still closed, causing us to have to reroute our trip.

By the end of the day we all were pretty tired and ready to reach our hotel. 

However, when we got within three miles of the off ramp we ran into a major traffic jam. Construction had the highway so backed up it took us 45 minutes to travel the three miles to our off ramp.
Even though we were more than ready to call it a day by the time we got to the hotel the trip went pretty smooth.

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Tiffany said...

I love road trips! I have been to South Carolina once, other than that I haven't visited anything east of Colorado!