Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sibling Group Portrait

Over the years I have often wondered if it was just my family or if others had the same problem when it came to having family portraits taken. You see getting my Zoo to all have a natural smile at the same moment is like pulling teeth from a lion. With all our children home for the first time in many years my husband and I wanted a group photo of the kids. After much pleading and cajoling we got them all to stand for the portrait to be taken.

As you can see they don't seem to thrilled to be having a group photo taken. They even suggested  I just take separate photos and Photoshop them together. One would think by this request that they don't like each other or get along but that is not the case. Here is what happens when we get them all in one place at the same time.

As you can see they have a major tendency to goof off. From the time my children were young we have encourage them to be independent thinkers and although we didn't allow them to be outright disrespectful we did allow them to express their opinions. At times like this I almost regret that decision, because one of the best shots expression wise was tainted with their freedom of expression.

 So as always I found myself going through upwards of 30 photographs till I found ones which I could use to create a natural looking composite  portrait photograph of our kids.
I am a bit undecided though if I want to frame and display the composite photo above or if I would rather just go ahead and print my favorite of them in their NATURAL state.

Next time maybe I will follow their suggestion and photograph them individually.

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Niki Hudson said...

Oh, this is funny! Love it - it's exactly how I imagined it would be to live in a big family. I like the natural candid shots, seems like those will be the moments you'd want to hold on to :)