Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wild Ride Stage 2

Stage two of the wild ride wasn't so bad. After sleeping through the night, or maybe I should say oversleeping, we piled in Val's car and were on our way. Although we drove the same distance in a shorter period of time, it really wasn't bad. It does help to be able to stop where and when you like.

Both my granddaughter and grandson are pretty good little travelers, having done quite a few trips back and forth between Virginia and South Dakota. However, this year my grandson was a bit more excited to get to grandma's house.

It was rather funny, he did not do the "are we there yet?" but chose instead to ask every ten or 15 minutes where we were. Finally I decided the best response was to tell him the mile marker number, state highway number and the name of the state we were in, that satisfied him for a few minutes.

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The 1500 mile trip went rather quickly and for the most part smoothly, although we did have to change our original route due to flooding along the Missouri river. In all reality I do believe we were all in a bit of a hurry to get back to South Dakota as I did not take very many photos during the trip. Although from time to time one of the kids would point out something and say Grandma take a picture.  It is a good thing they did or there would not be photos of the drive to add to there vacation scrapbooks. So here are a few of the things that caught their attention.

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