Friday, July 8, 2011

Experience Life Through a Childs Eyes

Have you ever noticed that as the years go by we tend to lose our sense of wonder? We go through our days preforming the necessary tasks and sometimes even venturing out to enjoy special events. Yet, how often do we really let ourselves feel the excitement? Children however seem to be able to relive the sense of wonder even when they are not experiencing something for the first time.

Take these two, this was their fourth or fifth year visiting Automania. During the summer they often see classic autos driving around town or at one of the local classic car gatherings held each week, and yet their excitement was as if they had never seen these cars before. 

This weekend may you not only enjoy whatever fun activities you have lined up but may you experience them through the eyes of a child.


Casey Martinez said...

Oh yes, we most def. lose our sense of wonder as we get older!! I do love though that now having a small child and seeing her excitement as you are also describing with your kids, gets me excited again...about holidays and toys etc. I love having young kids around!! Neat cars and so cool that they loved that so much!

Party Of Four said...

My husband and I was just talking about this! So true! Oh to me a kid again. Although, I think sometimes watching your children get so excited is just as rewarding.