Friday, June 10, 2011

Relaxation & Empowerment Through Imagery: Running of the Grunion

by Nita Davis
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 On this warm summer night, the full moon is high in the sky as we stroll along a Southern California beach. The ocean breeze has cooled the night air after the hot day. We slowly walk along the shoreline silently enjoying the slightly salty taste of the fresh sea breeze in our face. The gentle swoosh, swoosh of the waves as they roll toward the sand caressing it with such tenderness eases our tattered nerves. We can feel the tension in our bodies begin to relax.  Looking to the horizon beyond the waves a sense of awe overcomes us as we gaze at the night sky scattered with millions of stars glittering down on the dark ocean. At this very moment there are no worries in life, no struggles to be fought only beauty to permeate our souls. The hour is late and the tide is high, sweeping in with it a brilliant display as each wave begins it's curl. We are mesmerized by the phosphorescent glow that begins to form in the curl of the wave turning it a bright silver. We are graced by the beauty and strength we witness as the wave deposits thousands of small silver fish known as Grunion at our feet bound for their annual spawning ritual. As we watch the females work their way into the sand to lay their eggs while the males dance around them in a curved motion for only moments until the wave sweeps the males back into the ocean. The females are left behind as they make their way out of the sand to return to the ocean on the next wave. Watching the struggles of the females as they return only to be replaced by more Grunion both male and female to take their turn in the spawning ritual we are reminded that every creature whether big or small faces obstacles to survival. Fully relaxed we return to our car knowing that if such a small fish can battle the mighty ocean every year to lay their eggs in the sand along the shore surely we can survive the challenges before us.
I hope you have enjoyed my imagery. If you have never had the opportunity to observe the running of the Grunion and are in or visiting California during the full moon from about April through August I strongly encourage doing so. Click here or here to learn more about this amazing example of resilience.

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Katherines Corner said...

Wonderful imagery. Yes we are often like the grunion we battle against rough tide to get where we need to be.
Hugs and have a great weekend!