Friday, June 24, 2011

July 4th Celebrations

One of my favorite celebrations of year is the 4th of July. There are so many fun things going on. With the pick-nicks, parades, family get-to-gathers and the fireworks it is a very special time.

I love seeing the look on the kids faces as they watch the parades and the fireworks. Of course try to keep my camera at the ready so that I can capturing their excitement and joy.

By the end of the day the film is all used or now that I have gone digital my memory cards are all full.

It use to make me kind of sad when all the photos of such a joyful time wound up in the box of old photos or hidden away and forgotten in one of the many photo albums.

Another thing that would frustrate me is when I would go to put the photos in one of the kids scrapbooks and there was only enough room for a few photos on the page.

There was always enough photos that I probably could have filled up a twenty page scrapbook for every holiday.

Take for example these few photos on the left of some fireworks and my Granddaughter at her first 4th of July parade.

And to think photos like these probably would have wound up in the box with all the photos that wouldn't fit in her photo album.

Now it is so much easier, I can go through the photos and pick out up to twenty five of my favorite photos and make a single 8x10 memory photo to frame and display around the house or put in their scrapbook.

Here are two different memory photos using the same eight photographs.
 Personally I like this next one best. I love the combination of the composite background with the three firework photographs blended together to create one background and the scrapbook style framing around the remaining five photographs, which gives it almost a three dimensional look.
Not only am I now able to show off more of the fun photos but I am able to do so with professional quality photographs instead of low resolution quick lab prints. At Artistix Network L.L.C., unless otherwise requested we have the lab print all our high resolution memory photos on metallic paper. The metallic photo paper adds an amazing affect to the photo. Seeing them on the computer is one thing but seeing them in person always excites me even when the photo is for a client because when the light hits the metallic paper all the colors just pop adding to the three dimensional look of the photograph.

This year it looks like we will have all our children and most of our grand children home for the 4th of July. If the weather co-operates we plan on having a BBQ and of course taking lots of pictures. How do you like to celebrate the fourth of July, or your national independence day if you are not in the USA?


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Sounds like you are going to have a fun 4th. I really like the second memory photo.

Unknown Mami said...

Yes, it would be a shame to let some of those photos languish in a box.