Thursday, June 9, 2011

Photographing Friendships

Friendships are a very important part of life. Yet often we are so focused on taking photos to capture our children as they grow and mature we forget to take photos of them with their friends until they are in their late teens when they are more likely to suggest such a photo. Take a few photographs and capture their early friendships, you can then add these to your child's scrapbook or even to the family genealogy album. Don't forget to jot down the friends name and any special information such as how they met or special names they had for each other. When your child is older they will treasure these memento's of the friends that have touched their lives. 
So whether you plan a friendship photography shoot like the one shown here or just take a few photos of the kids playing I am sure you will find plenty of opportunities to capture this very important aspect of your child's life. If you do decide to do a planned photo shoot you are in for a lot of fun. If the children are under five and you plan on doing posed shots and candid ones I suggest doing the posed ones first and maybe even having some "reward" on hand to encourage them to sit still for a moment or two while you line up your shot.  While some of these photo's have a posed look, the only one that was actually posed is the second shot, the rest are candid shots. I have to say this was both the most tiring and the most fun photo shoot I have done in ages. Here are four more of my favorites from the photo shoot.

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Katherines Corner said...

What a beautiful post. The last photo speaks volumes. Big Hugs!