Saturday, June 25, 2011

Car Shows & Summer Fun

When my children were still youngsters and in school so many of the other mothers thought I was crazy because I lived for summertime. I was almost as anxious for school to let out as the children.
Pick Nick on the river with two of my kids and some of my siblings
Sure there was always memorable things happening during the school year but for me it was all the adventures we would have when the kids were not in school that I enjoyed the most. Often as in both of these first two photos, I would pack the pick-nick basket with lunch and with no particular destination in mind we would hop in the car in search of a great place to eat our pick nick.
Son and Daughter at Crater Lake
My excitement for summer break hasn't changed much, only now it is adventures with the grandchildren that I look forward too. Of course with the high cost of gasoline hoping in the car with no particular destination doesn't happen very often anymore.
Fortunately our city is buzzing with lots of fun activities throughout the summer months. Although I don't make it to as many as I would like I do try to experience as many as possible.
Last night was the annual Automania car show. Luckily for me all of my grand kids love going to car shows as much as I do.
Automania is a great show for car enthusiasts. There are classics, hot rods, muscle cars, imports, motor cycles and even a few like this that I really don't know what you want to call it.
Overall we had a terrific time and I am sure that in years to come we will often reflect on the fun we have shared going to car shows.  Speaking of reflecting, if you like reflection photos pop over here to see two really nice reflections of the kids I got at the car show. 

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