Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fantasy Meets Reality

While everyday is a day to be grateful, Thursdays are the day I try to post about something I am grateful for and why. Today I want to share two things I am eternally grateful for.

 #1 Eyesight
Although I began wearing glasses at the age of 12, I pretty much took my eyesight for granted. Then a few years back that all changed. At times the world around me looked like the photo on the left. I thought maybe I was just overly tired. So I tried to slow down and get more rest. Things would come back into focus and then soon everything would be a blur again. To make a long story short it wasn't a lack of sleep but a condition with my eye muscles. I am so grateful that I can still see and that my vision is not always blurry.

Fantasy Meets Reality by Nita Davis
#2 Technology
Of course I am thankful for technology for all the usual reasons. But I am most thankful for it because without it there would be so many creative things I would not be able to do. My digital camera allows me the ability to switch to auto and just point and shoot when I can't tell if the shot I am after is in focus, or stay on manual when I can see clearly. With my extra large screen computer I can magnify my photos and art work so that fine details are not missed. It also makes it much easier to read and write. I still haven't gotten use to the Adobe Acrobat which is a special magnifier for reading print materials, fortunately I can do most of my reading on the computer. Technology makes it possible for me to continue drawing and see what it is I am drawing. It enables me to combine those drawings with photography and digital artwork to create artwork like Fantasy Meets Reality and for this I am ever grateful.

My fantasy has met reality and prevailed for this I count myself blessed.

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Niki Hudson said...

Wonderful post! Our senses, all five of them really, are often taken for granted. I, too, have worn corrective lenses since the age of twelve. I can vividly recall the day I put on my first pair of glasses. I remember walking outside of the doctor's office and actually SEEING the leaves on the trees. Up until then, they had just been a green blur. What a marvelous discovery!Thank you for reminding me of this precious gift.

texwisgirl said...

things we certainly take for granted until they don't work anymore...