Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fun Photo Locations

While out and about I try to keep my eyes open for fun or interesting locations to do photo shoots. The other day while on my way to the doctor's I drove past the down town library and it struck me that it might be a good place for a photo shoot for someone that likes to read. So after my appointment I headed over to check it out. Sure enough there were some really awesome interior locations as well as some fun outside area's. Monday I have a brother & sister photo shoot scheduled and plan to use the library as one location.

 These photo's were taken with my cell phone. The first photo is an interior shot while the second is a a shot of one side of the same window only from the outside and at an angle so it shows a reflection of the courtyard.

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James said...

These shots have great lines in them. Nicely captured!

'Tsuki said...

I like the graphical aspect of the first shot : so geometrical, so dry...

Well done !