Friday, June 3, 2011

Father's Day Dilemma Solved

Every year I used to go nuts trying to figure out the perfect gift to get my husband for Father's Day. Sure I could get the usual tools, jewelry, clothing or maybe even some goofy gift that would make him laugh. But I am one of those people that when I give a gift I want to give something that will be really special to the person I am giving it to. Then one year I created a memory art piece for my husband of our children using some of his favorite photographs of the kids. He loved it so much. He proudly displayed that photo on his desk, pointing it out any time there was a visitor. So of course each year I try do a new one with current photographs. Dilemma Solved!
From this I learned that fathers love to show off photos of their children as much as mothers do. So, in the last few years I have begun giving memory photo's to my son and son-in-law in honor of fathers day. My son-in-law is in the Navy and was deployed last month so this year he will be half way across the world on Father's Day. I know this is going to be very hard for him as he is very devoted to his family, so I decided to make him a Locker Photo that he can hang in his rack on the ship. Locker Memory Photos are Memory Art Prints that have been laminated for protection and have Velcro fasteners on the back to make then easy to mount inside a locker or on wall where hanging frames is not possible. Because he mentioned back in December how he thought it would be cool for our company to make some type of special calendar that could be hung in a sailor's rack, I decided to make his Locker Memory photo a deployment calendar. Here is what it looks like. Have you figured out yet what to get the Fathers in your life?


khush said...

"Your our hero" Thats so cute!
And your very creative :-D
I don't know what I am going to do, most probably mail him some very good words written by myself, or make a movie for him with our pictures, he's far and I know he will love something that I have created myself, instead of something ready you know! :D

marily said...

This is such a great idea! I'll have to convince my mom to make one with me!

Nita Davis said...

Khush, either one sounds great or even both I am sure your father will love it.
M, I hope you can convince your mom. If not you could always go through and find photos of either just you or better yet some of you and your father that have special memories and do one with those. If you want more ideas or want to have it done professional check out our Online Studio, there is a link to it in the left hand column. Good Luck
Have a great weekend!