Friday, May 4, 2012

Work and Wonderful Weather

Some days I wonder how others can work full time indoors. Then I remember, oh ya I did that for many years. It wasn't so bad when the weather outside was nasty but oh I can remember wanting to play hooky when the weather was nice. TGIF really meant a lot during those years.

Skywatch Friday submission
Now although I try to do most of my indoor work on rainy days or in the later part of the evening so that I can be outdoors as much as possible during the good weather it doesn't always work out that way. This week it was so beautiful outside, but the website needed to be revamped and photographs needed to be processed. Maybe I should put a work station in the backyard for those days.

Fabulous Friday Submission
Had I stayed indoors and worked steadily the indoor work probably would have been completed much sooner but who can resist a sunny day. Instead I took lots of breaks and headed outside with my camera to capture a bit of the fun.

Of course the work still needed to be done and I did get back to it eventually. The reward is this really fun memory print for a local pre-school, cohesiveness between our primary website and our informational website. Announcement of our May Special Feature Artwork, and a number of fun new products in our on-line gift shop. I am excited to to see what next week brings.



Kim, USA said...

Beautiful collage and I like the photo with all those bubbles.


Liz said...

beautiful pics Nita. Happy sky watching.

My Sky.