Thursday, May 24, 2012

Freemason Street Historic District

While we are busy living life it speeds by so fast it is easy to forget that our communities are changing just as fast as we are. I can remember many details of the architecture of the homes I lived in as a child in Southern California. Now they like the strawberry fields and orange groves that were a big part of my childhood are all gone. How I wish my family had thought it important to take photo's of our home, but they didn't. Maybe that is part of my draw to photographing architecture. I am just glad that others also feel it is important to preserve at least some of the historic buildings in our communities. 
Today I took a walk through the Freemason Street Historic District in Norfolk, Virginia. Here a bit of what I beheld. To see larger images just click on the photo.

 Alright so this one isn't really about the architecture, but I couldn't pass up this cute guy enjoying an afternoon nap. His owner told me his name but I didn't write it down. . . oops.

Norfolk's 1st permanent library opened in 1904


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