Thursday, May 10, 2012

Theatrical Thursday: All in the Family

With this spring cold winding down I thought it would be nice to get a post put up. After sitting at my desk staring at the computer screen, I decided a bit of inspiration was needed. Grabbing my camera I headed outside to see what would catch my eye.
The peach tree my son in law planted when they first moved here three years ago is always good for a few nice shots. It is also a good source for some fun family memories. After capturing a few shots from various angles I was distracted by the beauty of the sky.

The trees were in the way so I stepped out of the yard into the wide lawn between the houses to capture some clear shots of the sky. I was only out there a few minutes when I turned around and was met by this sight.

Yes, my poor dog tried to come join me and got himself stuck. It really should be no surprise to me. My family is pretty well known for inadvertently getting themselves into some pretty theatrical situations, why should our dog be any different? Of course I was outside with just my camera and no phone. He was so scared I knew if I left him alone to go get help he would hurt himself. So instead I sat and talked with him and tried to calm him down until one of my grand kids came looking for me. It didn't take too long and my daughters came to the rescue with vegetable oil. He came out of the situation fairly well. No broken bones, just a mild bruise and a nice shiny coat.

I am thinking it might be fun to put together a series of stories of hilarious situations my family has gotten themselves into over the years. What do you think? Do you or someone in your family have a knack for getting into theatrical situations?

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