Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Week In Pictures

Welcome to The Week In Pictures

As often as possible I like to join in with Unknown Mami's 'Sunday in my City' and with 'Your Sunday Best' over at A Rural Journal. It occurred to me that i could create a weekly thread that covers some of my favorite photos from my adventurous for the past week that had not already been posted. This way I could as the saying goes kill two birds with one stone, or in this case three. Not that I want to kill any. I happen to love birds.

So here we go:
The week started off with a trip to Ghent, where I found a number of places to enjoy some outdoor dining, as well as many interesting shops.
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Then I was off headed down town but once again got side tracked by another beautiful old historic district. This time it was the Freemason Street Historic District. This area right off the water was so rich in history I could almost feel the past.
The Norfolk Boat Club is located at the end
of one of these cobblestone streets.
 It was very relaxing walking along the tree lined cobblestone streets. Taking in the beauty of the old homes and finding interesting shots like this fan on a porch of one of the newer brick buildings. As you can guess even the newer buildings were quite old.
Next came a trip to the beach on a quiet afternoon while most people were working or in school. It was during this trip that I captured the photo of the two young boys playing in the ocean that was used in the creation of this tribute.
My Sunday Best submission
When I turned around to head back to the car I was met with this most magnificent sight.
 I am a dreamer and a lover of clouds. Maybe I have never grown up but I still enjoy finding shapes in the clouds and this one I just couldn't resist. Do you see what I see?

Mickey Mouse!

Next was a trip to a local park with my youngest daughter and two of my grand kids for a bit of fun.

 Now this little angle was just so darn cute with her ice cream I had to capture her darling pout.

That brings us to the final exploration of the week. Today was in the mid to high 80's and so where else would I go but back to the ocean! I am really glad I did for I found three shots to finish up my submissions for this weeks scavenger hunt.

There it is, all the places I explored this week in and around Norfolk, VA.
I hope your week was as fun and memorable as mine.

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Nancy said...

Those cloud captures are amazing, Nita.

Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week. xoxo

Keetha Broyles said...

I hardly know where to begin with this comment!

First - - lookatchu! Gettin' all out and about your new city with your cam!!!

I want to sit on that patio under those gorgeous red umbrellas. You KNOW I love red - - - GO BADGERS!

Love that boat club pier. It is calling my name.

The brick sidewalks remind me of my girlhood in Hayward Wisconsin trying to learn to SKATE with "key skates" on a brick sidewalk all rough with age.

Where is the PORCH for the fan??? It just looks like a fan between two walls to me. Novel concept that.

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh! Waitjustasecond!!!

My eyes are "getting" it now! The pale blue CEILING looked like the SKY to me so it just looked like a fan hanging in an open space.

I THINK I've figured it out now - - - it IS hanging from a ceiling afterall.

Stasha said...

All lovely. The little girl with ice cream is my favorite!

Ms POSH said...

That looks like a wonderful place to visit!

Have a great WW!

Unknown Mami said...

That little girl with the ice cream looks so much like my youngest that it is freaking me out.