Monday, May 14, 2012

Photographing for a Memory Composite

Nowadays I often find myself photographing things that a few years ago I would not have thought to photograph. Such as these photos of my grand son's Sponge Bob toy set. 

When my children were growing up I didn't think to photograph any of their toys, it just didn't seem important to me. It never really dawned on me that some of those toys were part of some important memories for my children. For example; not long ago my oldest son was telling his nephew about the Optimist Prime truck he had as a child, and wishing he had a photograph of the toy. 
So now as I take photos to preserve our family's memories I think in terms of composite memory photos. Not just photos of the family at special times but photos that capture the everyday joys as well. I find myself photographing objects that bring laughter and happiness to my family as well as the photos of the family members. Often I am thinking how a photograph could be used as a background for a memory composite or in conjunction with other photos to capture the memory.  Here is one memory photo created using one of the Sponge Bob play set photographs.
These photos are going to make fun backgrounds for a very cute memory book or video for my grandson. I haven't quiet decided which I am going to do yet, maybe I will do both. As a family memory keeper do you also photograph toys?

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