Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday In My City: Big City Mall

After 20 years in South Dakota I almost forgot how exciting a big city mall can be. Growing up in Southern California hanging out at some of the larger mall's was always a fun way to spend an afternoon, especially if it was raining. So heading to the MacArthur Mall Friday, I was filled with anticipation. I expected it to be busy and the parking lot crowded. What I didn't know was that in down town Norfolk has NO parking lots. All of the parking is in parking garages, large multi-level parking garages.
It is a good thing my daughter had an idea where we were the Barnes and Noble was located or we might have been wandering forever.
Garage stair access
 Once inside I was met with the enormity of the this amazing three story mall. Now I have been in a few three story malls but it has been some time since I was in one that was not only tall but so large I could easily become lost.
One thing I have been noticing a lot the past few weeks is statues in the shape of this mermaid. They are all over town. At first I thought maybe it was the city's logo but although the shape is the same they are all very different in artistic representation. Visit Mermaid Watching to learn more about the Mermaids of Norfolk. Find out their history here.
Beautifully designed Mermaids can be seen all over Norfolk
Maybe I am a bit on the odd side but architecture and lines always draw my eye, and it was no different on this day. I just had to get a shot or two of the architectural lines of this great place.
But a visit to the Mall is not a visit if you don't do a bit of window shopping.

I know understand why my daughter rarely goes to the mall. The center of the Mall is all open with walk bridges connecting the promenade that runs in front of the stores. Unfortunately Sissy is terrified of heights and the only way to get her across these bridges was for my youngest daughter to carry her. Sissy kept her eyes closed the entire time.
Finally we were at our destination.
Unfortunately we had to take the stairs inside Barnes and Noble up to the third level where the children's books were. Once again Sissy had to be carried. When we left I convinced her to close her eyes while we rode the glass elevator to the level we were parked on.
A trip to the mall wouldn't be complete without a few treats.

I can't wait to go back and wander more through this fantastic Mall.
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Vidya Sury said...

Malls are fun, occasionally. We live very close to one and enjoy going there once in a while. My son hates the escalators.

I loved that mermaid. Heading over to that link to "know more"

Have a great week ahead, Nita!

Keetha Broyles said...

I enjoy a large mall. Ours here is teeny tiny.

I'm very curious about all the mermaids. I followed your link, but still didn't learn WHY they are all over Norfolk. I saw some really beautiful ones though - - - and some very strange.

Nita Davis said...

Keetha, sorry I forgot the second link that goes into detail on how these fantastic sculptures got their start.

Unknown Mami said...

I rarely go to malls anymore, but when my mom comes to visit she loves the one we have downtown. The one by you is HUGE.