Thursday, May 17, 2012

Freeze Frame

My dear husband use to tease me that I had absolutely no concept of time. For the most part he was right. I could easily let the day slip by while I soaked up the beauty around me. 

It is widely known that time slowly creeps by for the young, while the older one gets it passes too quickly. Although, I do admit time seems to be going faster as each year passes, there are still times when it almost stands still. I am most certain if this was my yard, I would often find time standing still as I enjoyed the peacefulness of this setting. 

I can easily picture myself sitting there sipping a tall glass of sweet tea as I listened to the chatter of the birds. Or perhaps dozing between pages as I read some historical novel while relaxing in this quaint garden. 

However, I  do believe if this was my yard I would use this area to contemplate why it is that time can on one hand feel like it is whirling by at break neck speed while at the same time feel like each day drags by slowly. Because time in retrospect always seems to have passed too quickly, even when it didn't feel that way.

Maybe what we all need is a special spot like this, a sort of Freeze Frame spot. A place where one can make time stop if only for a moment and just soak in the beauty around them.

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