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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Afternoon In Ghent

Norfolk Virginia is unlike anywhere else I have ever lived. All of the neighborhoods have the most intriguing names which are used by the locals when giving directions or referring to a business's location. When my oldest son suggested I check out Ghent, I of course thought he was referring to a neighboring city. Well, earlier today I decided to drive into down town Norfolk to practice my street photography. As I was driving along one of the main roads I saw a sign that read Ghent Business District with an arrow pointing left. Of course I took the left turn. Here are a few of the sights.

I had ventured down a side street to see one of the old buildings when I found this colorful little shop.
These only scratch the surface of the beauty of Ghent. I was working on capturing street scenes so I will definitely be heading back another day to photograph some of the amazing architecture I saw in the area.

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