Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday Wishing: Simple Wishes

Remember how when we were a kid all posed to blow out our candles on our Birthday cake and mom or dad would say 'make a wish… but don't say it out loud or it won't come true' ? Well guess what they were WRONG! Last week I made some pretty serious wishes and I am happy to say that at least one of them is already well on its way to coming true. Since making those wishes known my focus has improved and I am feeling much more optimistic. So don't hold back go ahead make your wish and you can even share it by clicking on the Wednesday Wishing button.

This week my wishes are much simpler. 

1. I would like to ask Mother Nature to please keep the weather nice enough for my daughters and I to travel this coming Friday to the western part of the state to spend  the weekend with my two sons and their families.

2. Robin at The Ranch Wife Chronicles reminded me how having a great planner can make all the difference in successful organization. So my second wish it to get a planner but not just any planner. I would like to get the Passion Planner. Click on this Video Link to learn what makes this planner so special.

For the longest time I used a good old paper spiral bound planner. It actually became a bit of a joke in my family that if it wasn't on my 'calendar' (the family called my planner a calendar) it was not going to happen. Then a few years ago I went digital and to be honest it just isn't the same. How about you, do you use a planner?  

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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Claudya Martinez said...

I think I just fell in love with that planner.

Again, due to my withdrawal fog, I didn't notice that my #WednesdayWishes post last week didn't post on time. Sigh...I'm trying to get back on track. Wish me luck.