Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Road Trips Will Never Be the Same Again

This is from the last trip my husband drove in 09.
I have always loved road trips. Loved is even a bit mild for the elation that comes over me when I know I am going to get to travel a good distance from home. My mother once said she is sure I have more than just a small portion of my Grandfather's gypsy spirit it me, you see he was migrant worker born in Sonora Mexico and traveled up and down the coast of California and Mexico going as far north as San Francisco and who knows how far south.
My grandfather Jose Taffolla
Maybe that was one thing that drew me to my late husband, he too loved the open road. Since his passing road trips haven't been the same.  I still get the same jubilant excitement that I have always felt when traveling, but listening to Prairie Home Companion and Click and Clack without Bill now brings a bit of sweet sorrow with it. 

Sure I could listen solely to music and not go looking for those two talk shows. I love music, and it is a must have especially on long road trips, however these two talk shows add laughter into the mix, and we all need laughter.  Sadly good things do come to an end and like many other Click and Clack fans I too will feel the loss of Tom Magliozzi. I am glad to have learned that they will be running repeats but even that will add to the sweet sorrow.  

An angled tunnel reflection from our '09 trip.

Although road trips will never be the same I sure can't wait to get on the road again! Family road trips are a fun way to make lasting memories.


My most memorable road trip was spending three months in our semi-truck with Bill and our three oldest children. The kids were 10, 7 and 18mo at the time. Talk about a wild trip zig-zagging across the United States all the way from the State of Washington to Florida and back.

Do you have a memorable road trip?

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bill lisleman said...

Many good road trips. Some long ago and some not that far back. Weather and accidents can ruin a trip. Most of them go just fine and even a small problem can become a good memory. I also enjoyed Click-n-Clack. They were a fun brother duo. I listen to them and wish I had a radio show with my brother.
great post.