Sunday, November 30, 2014

Frozen Wonderland

Have you ever felt like the whole month passed by in the blink of an eye? That is exactly how I feel right now. I can't believe it is already November 30th! Not only the end of the month but the last Sunday, so I better hurry and get this Sunday in my City post written.
Unknown Mami

Today I am going back one week to share my visit to the city I call home, Sioux Falls South Dakota. During the winter the city turns Falls Park into a winter wonderland with beautiful twinkling lights and fun ice sculptures. 

I was just as excited as this frozen sculpture when my friend offered to take me down to Falls Park a little after 9pm.
Mrs. G had dropped me off and I realized I had left my tripod in her car. That didn't stop me though.
I managed to get some half way decent shots even without the tripod. Although it was a bit difficult to keep from shaking in the cold night air.
 How about a some sun flare lamp flare?

 I just love all the twinkling lights!
Although the frozen falls are amazing too, especially if you come earlier in the evening when they have colored spotlights lighting up the falls.
 Of course one should not forget the inviting little restaurant.
 Or the Buffalo statue
 Or the gift shop with the observation tower!
Or the wonderful view of the Falls and the ruins of the Queen B Mill from the walking bridge.
My visit to Falls Park Winter Wonderland made my visit home extra special. Thanks to my dear friend our gift shop now features some of these photos on Christmas Ornaments and Greeting Cards.

I hope you enjoyed your virtual visit, and are able to join in the virtual travel at Unknown Mami's Sunday In My City.

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Claudya Martinez said...

You did a great job without a tripod.