Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Honoring Our Veterans

Today is Veteran's Day
A day when most people go out of their way to thank Veterans.
Is thanking them enough?
Should we not also honor them, and find ways to truly show them how much we appreciate their service? 

For The Depth of Their Understanding
 For fighting for freedom, ours and others.
Section of the Berlin Wall, Rapid City SD
 For all the sacrifices they have made big and small.

To all the Veterans who have served or continue to serve I would like to say not only thank you, but that your sacrifices are not in vain and are greatly appreciated.

Now for a look at how small towns and big cities across the country  pay tribute to members of our armed forces.

Inwood, IA
 Rock Rapids, IA
 Sioux Falls, SD
 Hayward, IA
 Washington DC
Many have served most honorably to keep our country safe and make the world a better place and for this we should all be thankful and do what we can not only on this day but on every day to show them we are grateful. Let's do more than just build monuments.

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