Monday, July 9, 2012

Work or Play

Adjusting to a new life and a new area has left me feeling a bit off balance. The easy route would be to simply retire to a life of pure creativity for the simple enjoyment of creating. Yet, one must still earn an income and so I strive to find balance between work and play. 

It might be easier if there was a vast difference between my work and my play. For although I often head out with my camera with the intent to capture images to use in designing new products or artwork, the exploration seems so much more like play. Then at other times I head out with my camera to have fun with family and wind up capturing an image that is perfect for some product or artwork I am working on. Like this one which was taken during a family outing to the beach.

Even photo sessions like this one feel more like play than actual work.
It is so much easier to differentiate between work and play when ones job is clearly defined. I have a feeling that many artists would agree with me when I say the only part of our job that actually feels like that nasty four letter word (WORK) is all the administrative duties that come with turning ones creative talents into an actual business.

So for now I stumble along designing a routine and revising it until hopefully one day soon I find a routine that feels balanced.

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Fun60 said...

Is there ever a perfect life/work balance? We can only do what we feel is right for us and as long as we enjoy life and get some satisfaction from our work then we've made it.