Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week In Photos

I have been experiencing a rather gripping bout of lethargy, most likely a direct result of the heat wave that has assaulted the US the last few weeks. Almost every day there were warnings to stay indoors or use extreme caution as the combination of high heat and humidity was at dangerous levels.  We did try to fight fire with water and set up the pool. Unfortunately the only spot to set the pool up is in direct sunlight until late afternoon. During the early hours of the day the pool became more of a sauna than a nice source for cooling down.

The 4th was a quiet day around our home due to the extreme heat. With both kids being very sensitive to both heat and loud noise they stayed home while I went to the fireworks display in down town Norfolk, VA. With of course a promise to take lots of pictures so they could see the fireworks. 

The next afternoon we braved the heat and headed to the beach in the late afternoon.

We had a great deal of fun swimming, building castles, finding sea shells and even a crab or two. But we were so wiped out by the heat the rest of the week was spent indoors. 
Hopefully this heat wave will end soon and we can get back to a more typical summer. 
Have a beautiful week everyone!
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Joanna Jenkins said...

I sure hope it starts to cool down for you. We've been watching the weather reports here in Los Angeles-- It looks brutal in so many parts of the country.

Glad you could enjoy the pool and the beach.

Keetha Broyles said...

Lovin' all these, but the beach photos have such joie de vivre!!!

Rocio Esmeralda said...

I see fun fun fun!!!

retired not tired said...

I hope your heat wave is over soon however even Toronto has been under an extreme alert and we broke several records last week. It was especially hard as we don't have central air. said...

Glad you found great ways (and waves) to survive the heat.

Stay cool.

Unknown Mami said...

Oh, I wish a cool breeze upon you.