Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Peaches Peaches Peaches

It's been a peach of a week!
On Sunday we picked all the peaches on our little tree. This is what was left after giving away two bags, and using two more bags to make two jars of jam, one quart of dehydrated peach chips and four quart bags of frozen peach slices. It is a good thing most of us like peaches. 

Of course we all ate a peach or two today and I used eight peaches to make this Southern Style Peach Cobbler. I will be freezing and dehydrating more tonight. Unfortunately I don't have all that is needed to can this large quantity of peaches. So most of them will have to be frozen or dehydrated. Thankfully tomorrow my Son-in-law will be taking a few bags to work with him. 

Thankfully we have a good size deep freezer so most of them will be sliced and frozen in juice packs or dry freeze so they can be used later. Sissy and I already have plans for making peach upside down cake, peach oatmeal cookies and a number of other tasty goodies.

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