Sunday, July 29, 2012

Goodbye July

This has felt like the longest July ever. With the heat and storms the days have dragged by and yet the month is just days from being over. The heat finally decided to let up a little allowing us a chance to get out and enjoy one of our favorite parks.

Northside Park in Norfolk, has something for everyone.
We stopped for a few minutes to watch the kids with their bmx bikes and skateboards having what looked like a lot of fun at the skate park.
 The sun was still so hot we decided to head to the shaded playground for a bit of fun.
Even with lots of water to drink and cool clothes to try and cool us down the heat began to take it's toll.
 Even this poor little guy was feeling the effects of the heat.
Sunday Best Submission
 Even the poor birds were looking a frazzled.

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Keetha Broyles said...

When I used to teach school, about this time in July I either had a half week or a week and a half until school started.

I HATED that count down - - - was NEVER ready to go back yet.

Now that I don't teach, I can enjoy every last drop of summer.

Well, not so many "drops" this year since we aren't getting rain 'round these parts - - - but you know what I mean.

Pat said...

Your little girl looks cool as a cucumber, despite the heat.

Nancy Claeys said...

The heat is returning here too after a brief break. Love your images -- they really speak of summertime. :)

Linda said...

Great playground shots! Your little one is a cutie - I detect a little imp in those eyes!

Unknown Mami said...

That little squirrel looks like it has had it.