Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Week In Photos

After a long hot week I am happy to say I not only survived but made it out and about in the heat and captured some good shots. Here is some of the my favorite shots from this last week. 

This first shot is from last Sunday just before we took my niece to catch her bus back to DC. Although she is gone Bubba and Sissy still keep me hopping and entertained much of the time.
 In my explorations this week I discovered Hell's Kitchen in down town Norfolk.
Here is another shot of the beautiful Gothic church tower I shared here.
On another trip to the Japanese Garden I discovered this pretty pink Water Lilly's. So far the Japanese Gardens is giving the beach a good run for my favorite spot for photo walks.
Your Sunday Best Submission
This week I was searching high and low for the perfect landscape shot and although I didn't find exactly what I was looking for I did find this hidden park.
 With this really great playground.
 And surrounded by this intriguing wooded area,
with all kinds of surprises waiting just beyond the trees.
Living in a major metropolitan area definitely has it's drawbacks when you are wanting to capture a landscape shot that doesn't have a lot of man made noise.  I did come across a few spots that fit what I have in mind, unfortunately I haven't figured out how to get access to the land to photograph from the angle I would like to shoot from. So last night just before sunset I decided to capture a sunset landscape on the beach. Driving to the beach I kept thinking the ski was too clear and that a few clouds would be nice. The weather didn't disappoint me as shortly after arriving at the beach a rapidly moving storm came in from the west and was graced with this sight.

Skywatch Friday submission
 And that folks was my week, and my submission for Sunday in my City, Norfolk VA. 
How was your week?
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Merisi in Vienna said...

Beautiful pictures, all of them, and your stormy sky is special, indeed!

Wishing you a great 4th of July and safe week,

Keetha Broyles said...

Such a cute shot of the kids sitting with your niece on the motorcycle!

rainfield61 said...

You have taken some beautiful pictures.

Tina´s PicStory said...

wonderful pics! love the seeroses and the sunset most :)

Nancy Claeys said...

Such pretty areas in and around your city, Nita -- love the 1st photo too.

Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week. xoxo

Laloofah said...

Hi, Nita, I really appreciated your sweet comment on my blog and wanted to come "meet" you! Your photography is lovely - that sunset photo is especially beautiful. Ominous, but beautiful!
Your niece looks like she's a lot of fun, and you're brave to be able to get out there and enjoy yourselves despite the heat and humidity you've had. I lived in Norfolk from 1970-1973 (at 5220 Powhatan Ave, should you ever find yourself in that neighborhood!), and still remember vividly how "muggeh" it was.
Don't you just adore a Japanese garden? They are so tranquil. Love your lily pads pic! And the Gothic church tower is a beautiful shot as well. I think you captured several nice scenery photos, and it looks like you enjoyed some fun explorations. Thank you for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sky watch picture. Quite a few lovely items to photograph in your neck of the woods.

Unknown Mami said...

Water lilies are just so darned photogenic.