Sunday, July 15, 2012

Laugh At Yourself

The serious side of life can zap the life out of you if you let it. I believe laughter is the key to unlocking the weight of the world that often sits on our shoulders. Being able to laugh at ourselves and each other has been instrumental in our families resilience. We are blessed with quick wit and the ability to find humor in even dire circumstances. Looking in one may think we are totally insane, but in all honesty if we could not find the humor in life I believe we would all go insane.
With that in mind I would like to share a bit of the story behind our most recent humor design, which is available on T-shirts in our Cafepress gift shop. First let me say, we do not make fun of individuals who face physical or mental challenges, and although our humor may at times be warped it is not mean spirited. We do however make fun of our own challenges. My daughter and her husband were joking around one day and he said he saw her on the short bus to which she replied that she was only there to keep him from licking the windows. To which he replied 'licking windows is fun'.

Available for both men and women

Available for both men and women

and for children
Our local neighborhood watch on the job.
So whether we are here in Norfolk or some other city we try to find humor in our everyday lives.

Unknown Mami

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Unknown Mami said...

The patrolling skills of your neighborhood watch are to be admired.